about us

I am Seyed Mehdi Haghshenas since 2008

I have been active in the financial markets.

After spending so many years on this site

I will share my experiences.

My team and I are doing our best to collect everything that an activist in the stock market and Forex financial markets needs for free on this site and provide it to you so that you can use these facilities for free at no cost. do .


Our services to you will be very wide and certainly our effort is up to you

To work in this financial market, get everything you need from analysis, signals, indicators, experts, and training for everyone on this site for free.

In the past, I collaborated with series such as Toos FX, of which I still work as one of the owners and managers, but from now on, I will publish all my knowledge and resources in a new way on this site.

Certainly, in order to grow as much as possible on this site, you can make the best use of our various services, and if you feel a shortage, be sure to discuss it with us so that this shortage can be eliminated as soon as possible.

If you feel that there is a need for change in a certain section, or you have a constructive criticism or suggestion, be sure to raise it with us. Certainly, your comments will be our beacon.

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