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These experts include the best forex experts

The use of these experts is completely free and their coding is done entirely by the Forex trading suite

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General Forex Experts

Download the best Forex experts, who are generally indicator experts, for free in this section.

It is possible to use these experts in any type of account and any broker.

The download link of each expert in the post is related to the description of that Forex expert

General Forex experts include applied and professional Forex experts

Forex Expert

Forex Experts are actually coded trading bots that are simple and accurate

They will do whatever is assigned to them and they will carry out their work without any human intervention

There are different types of Forex experts, for example, Expert Martingle – Expert Scalper – Expert Anti Martingel

Indicator Expertise – Equation Expertise – Strategy Based Expertise and Tens and Hundreds of Other Forex Experts

We do our best to get the best Forex experts after reviewing and verifying healthy coding for free

To download along with an educational post about that expert.

Types of Forex Experts

If you are looking to choose the best forex expert, you must be familiar with the types of forex experts.

There are several categories for forex experts, some of which are listed below.

First category:

1: Autotrading experts:

In addition to the analysis and process they perform, these Forex experts are also responsible for trading.

This means that like a human being, they buy or sell or manage open transactions

Autotrading experts include math experts, airplanes, MacD experts, or transaction management experts.

Such as Expert Close Close, which is responsible for managing open transactions.

2: Forex Chart Management Experts:

These experts are commonly known as Forex trading dashboards.

In fact, these forex experts have the task of managing the chart and there is a need for a human trader for automatic trading.

The second category:

In this category, Forex experts are classified based on the type of service

You may be an expert in several categories at the same time.

1: Indicative experts

These experts are based on one indicator or several indicators such as Expert: HI MACD


2: Non-indicative experts

These experts are generally based on a mathematical equation, such as mathematical experts in the category of autotrading experts.

Or Expert Close Close, which only considers input numbers and exits transactions accordingly.

3: Forex Martingale Experts

In this type of experts, the martingale trading method is used to manage capital

If you do not know what a martingale is, you can search for the phrase martingale in the search box on this site

4: Anti-Martingale Forex Experts

These experts also act according to their anti-martingel strategy if you do not know what it is

Search for the phrase anti-martingel on the same site

But to explain the summary in simple terms in the definition of anti-martingel, we must say:

When the trader loses, he does not double the account volume

But it clings to the same position that this loss will not be eliminated soon.

On the other hand, when a trader makes a profit, he doubles the trading volume.


And it faces twice the risk.

Behind this approach, there is the idea that after winning a trade, you start trading with “free money”.

As we have said, there are several categories for Forex experts, for example, Forex Scalper Expert.

Expert Forex Hedging – Expert Forex Crawling and many different names that can be categorized accordingly.

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