Forex software

Forex software includes Forex indicators and Forex experts

And are forex scripts plus trading dashboards

And peripherals as auxiliary tools

With the help of any Forex market analyst

And every Forex trader will come.

نرم افزارهای فارکس
نرم افزارهای فارکس

Forex Expert

One of the most popular forex software is Forex Experts.

Forex Expert or Forex Robot is an auxiliary tool for professional traders.

Forex experts include two categories of autotrade experts and assistant trader experts.

Below are some examples of professional Forex experts

To see more experts from the top of the software, refer to the experts section.

Forex Indicator

Forex indicators are a type of Forex software that is an auxiliary tool of a Forex analyst.

The Forex indicator has the task of helping the analyst to make a correct analysis

And by drawing different shapes, symbols and lines on the chart, it provides some required information to the Forex analyst.

Forex indicators include two categories of correction indicators and non-correction indicators.

Below we have prepared some examples of the latest Forex indicators for you, but for viewing

All Forex indicators should be referred to the Forex Indicator section of the software tab.

Forex script

Forex scripts, like indicators and experts, are in the forex software category.

Which are trader assistance tools that are executable files

Applicable are written in MetaTrader and the trader can use them when needed.

The MetaTrader platform allows traders and programmers to execute a function

By writing code that is executable, turn it into an executable program on this platform rather than software


Execute the required function of the trader in MetaTrader with the written codes. The resulting software

Programming to write strategy in code must use the Meta Editor environment on the MetaTrader platform.

Forex script, unlike Forex Indicator and Forex Expert, is run only once and then disabled

For example, a script to convert chart data to other timeframes.

To view all the scripts, just enter the phrase script in the search menu

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