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Training before entering Forex market is the first step on the road to financial success in global markets. Just like before entering any other job, one must first be trained and after the learning was finished, then start trade. It can even be said that entering global markets requires more effort to learn, because this market deals directly with our capital and its nature is high risk. TejaratFX, with more than 15 years of experience in the Forex market, has prepared Forex stock training in several different categories for all levels of training. We are by your side step by step to make the learning process as good as possible.

Forex market training steps
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    The best Forex Market Training Course

    TejaratForex provides you the best Forex market training categorized and step-by-step. All the lessons provided are completely free of charge! We did this to ensure that you enter the forex market with sufficient knowledge. During the educational course, we will go step by step and cover the following topics:

    ⦁ Entering the Forex market
    ⦁ For what kind of people the Forex market is suitable?
    ⦁ Choosing the best forex broker
    ⦁ How to open a demo and a real account?
    ⦁ How to Deposit and make withdrawal in the Forex market
    ⦁ How to trade with MetaTrader in Windows and Android
    ⦁ How to use the popular website Trading View?
    ⦁ How to choose a Forex Trading System?
    ⦁ Candlesticks
    ⦁ The indicators and How to find the best indicator
    ⦁ Technical Analysis software
    ⦁ Fundamental Analysis and tools
    ⦁ How to use Forex Factory website?
    ⦁ Forex Psychology and market psychology
    ⦁ How to manage risk in Forex market?
    In addition to the topics above, TejaratFX, will constantly prepare new training videos for you. Watch the video below to get acquainted with the concepts presented during this educational course.


    Features of the Course

    If you google a little for Forex training, you will find that many websites offer different kinds of trainings on the Forex market. Many of these websites will provide you free Forex training and many others will charge you for the training. But for us, a good Forex training should have the features we mention below. You will have access to the best Forex training on this site for free. No need to spend money, join us to get the best Forex training from the beginner to advanced levels in a fully professional way and by using all the new training methods.

    Forex Market Course in a Simple Word

    And yet, Comprehensive

    The Forex market is extremely vast and has huge amount of details. Although it may look a bit complicated at first, it is not really a complicated market at all. Off course in case that after entering this new and attractive career, do not be confused, move directly towards your goal, learn the concepts correctly, know the tools, design a good trading strategy and, of course, choose the right broker. All of these are part of our free Forex training course and you will learn them all step by step.

    Forex Market Visual Training

    Naturally, the more educational content is with examples and images, the easier it would be to learn. in TejaratFX, we provide all the educational content along with images to minimize the time needed to learn for new traders. Educational material on how to invest in global markets is conceptual so that before anything you get acquainted with the fundamentals and principles. Once you learn these concepts, you are halfway there.

    Up to Date and Modern

    And Off course Fascinating

    Although the basic concepts and fundamentals of global markets may not change, with the new developments in science and the unveiling of new tools, the way is paved more than ever for more profit from each trade. For example, new indicators may be made available to traders that double their profit. Therefore, those who intend to train the Forex market must always keep their knowledge up to date in order to provide a comprehensive course for their students. That’s why we at TejaratFX are reviewing our educational content every day.

    Not only investing does have many risks, but its nature is very frustrating and tedious, which is why we try to make our free training for the Forex market attractive so as not only to prevent you get tired, but also increases your energy and motivation to profit from global markets.

    Innovative Forex Education

    The Forex Market is a worldwide market and what we have seen so far on the forex educational websites is a series of very basic and frustrating tutorials that are outdated. We believe that we should prepare the best courses for the users, so TejaratFX team, always reviews best educational reference websites and sources to permanently optimize training sessions, and provide new methods and the newest practical content for you. It does not matter what city or country you are from, if you are interested in investing in foreign exchange markets, these tutorials will be very useful for you.

    Forex market training around the world

    One of the main efforts of Forex trading is to create equal opportunities in all regions. No matter what city you live in, our tutorials on entering the Forex market are completely free. We have been active in many cities and countries and have trained powerful traders in different cities and countries.

    Forex training in Kabul
    Forex training in Baghdad
    Forex training in Dubai
    Forex training in Tokyo
    Forex training in London
    Forex training in China
    Forex training in France
    Forex training in Spain
    Forex training in America
    Forex training in Brazil
    Forex training in Russia
    Forex training in Turkey
    Forex training in Lebanon
    Forex training in Saudi Arabia
    Forex training in Kuwait
    Forex training in Cyprus

    Experience the best training

    Forex Specialized Questions and Answers

    According to our experience, smart people always start to ask questions after watching instructional videos and learning new subjects. TejaratFX is a place to exchange knowledge and experience, so our professors are always by your side to give you the answer whenever you face a question. An important part of the training course is rectifying your problems and we are determined to solve your problems and questions.

    Elementary Forex Course

    After the explanations, it is time for the Forex course. In the following, we will explain the topics orderly (from the basic steps to the advanced steps) so that you can watch Forex educational videos based on your needs. The following topics are basic Forex tutorials that are fully visual prepared for you to better understand the content. Because the content is integrated, it is best to look at it in order. If you have a question or any problem, you can ask your question in the comments section of the page.

    How to Enter the Forex Market?

    One of the questions we are often asked is, “What is Forex?” Or “where is the main website of Forex?” There are many questions in the minds of people who want to enter the Forex market that can make them confused. In this section, we have mentioned and expressed the basic concept of Forex to illuminate the first light in the minds of the readers.

    For What Kind of People Forex Market is Suitable?

    In Forex market course, we always insist that Forex is a form of investment. In fact, it is one of the newest methods of investment and has its own advantages and risks. Therefore, investing requires a certain character and ethics. Just as some people may not be interested in investing in real estate or gold, Forex market may not be a suitable place for some people. In this session, we will look at the personal qualities needed for a trader.

    How to Choose the Best Forex Broker?

    A broker is a window to enter the world of international investment and the forex market. This interface should not only provide the services you need, but also provides comfort and trustiness. Brokers are directly connected to the money and capital of traders. At this stage, we must learn what characteristics the best Forex broker should have.

    Forex Course on How to Open a Forex account

    Brokers are international organizations that offer most of their content in English. Relatively complicated filling forms and poor support (some brokers) has made the registration process difficult, or at least confuse the traders for some time. TejaratFX, has prepared the registration guide of all famous brokers in a visual way so that you can open your trading account with no worries.

    Deposit and Withdrawal in Forex Market

    Just as banks have cut off access to foreign banks due to sanctions in some countries, international brokers are unable to offer world-class methods to traders from some countries. Instead, alternative methods have been proposed for these users. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is better to be familiar with all payment methods in brokers before choosing the deposit and withdrawal method.

    What is MetaTrader?

    Just as national stock brokers must use the systems provided by brokers to operate in the stock market, brokers also offer different platforms to their clients. The most common platform for starting Forex trading is MetaTrader (4 and 5), which is why we will teach you how to install, apply settings, start trading, on both the desktop and mobile versions.

    Role of Trading View in Forex Training

    Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or in which broker you have an account; you should always visit the Trading View website. The free service of this website is like a light in the night for all the traders around the world. In addition to displaying charts online, Trading View has many indicators and tools, depending on the trading system which at least a few of them will be useful to you.

    Forex Trading Style

    Forex training is impossible without considering the character of traders. According to the individual characteristics of the people, each individual has his own trading style. No one should follow another person’s style, because depending on the amount of initial capital, moods (patience or haste) and external conditions influence people’s immediate decisions and can make a profitable trade a devastating loss. You need to know yourself and follow an independent and unique trading style.

    Candlesticks and the Applications

    Session 9 is actually the first fully practical step in Forex training. Candlestick or Japanese candle chart, is the first brick in building the house of your trades. All analyzes and trades are done based on the analysis of these charts. So take the first step strong to maximize your profits from the Forex market. The world of candlesticks and the information they provide for traders is really fascinating and charming.

    The Best Forex Indicator

    If you’ve studied the previous 9 sessions with full attention, it’s time to learn the tools in the Forex market. Indicators are tools that, based on the knowledge and experience of financial experts, help traders obtain accurate information from past trends and can have a flawless analysis of the future behavior of each asset. It can be said that technical analysis is built based more on these indicators.

    Technical Analysis Software

    In our lessons we will teach you how several software in the market can be used. Each trader will choose one of the tools based on their needs and preferences. It should be noted that each of these software has its advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the best platform for Forex trading is based solely on individual needs.

    Fundamental Analysis

    Unfortunately, many educational forex websites focus solely on technical and fundamental analysis. But as you can see, there are at least eleven steps prior to learning Forex fundamental analysis to succeed in investment markets. Based on its 15 years of professional experience, TejaratFX has developed free and step-by-step educational course for traders.

    Forex Factory Website

    Many traders focus on fundamental and technical analysis and forget about current daily issues. But a professional trader should be updated with every day news. When a US president or US treasurer is scheduled to attend a press conference, there is even a possibility that the market trend will change (from upward to downward or vice versa). As a professional trader, you must have access to a powerful tool called the Forex Calendar.

    Beyond Analysis - Forex Psychology

    In the fourteenth step, we reach another one of the most important educational topics. If you are planning to enter the Forex market with your capital and open a real account, you should be familiar with the subject of Forex psychology. We have told you a lot about Forex training in the past and now we have reached the final sections of Forex training. These final sessions are tricky for the traders.

    Visual tutorial on Risk and Capital Management

    In this session, we will teach you trading psychology or capital management. This session is, in fact, the connection point and summary of the previous educational steps given to you in the elementary section. So keep in mind that this part of the Forex market training will be the most important one amongst the elementary sections.

    Soon ...

    After 15 sessions of learning, you now have a much better understanding of why many Forex traders are losing money or not making enough profit. You now know better than ever that entering financial markets requires knowledge and experience, and in addition, using analytical tools should be inevitable for you. Soon, we will introduce you more content in this section to reach the maximum of your capabilities. If there is a questionn or problem, ask your question in the comments section of the page.

    This page is constantly updated and new tutorials will be added.


    In the college of Forex training section, after studying and learning the complete Forex educational section, you will enter a new and higher level of education.

    In the Forex college section, you will get familiar with more general and practical educational topics of the Forex market, and you will learn things that will be practically useful for you in the Forex market.

    In the college of our website, subjects are more advanced and longer, and you will definitely need to have learned the elementary section quite well to understand the topics better.

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    All Forex market tutorials were presented in video with visual posts so that all the points are completely easy to understand and attractive. In TejaratFX, we offer all Forex tutorials from basic to advanced Forex training in the form of a Free Forex Training Package, and we believe that this market has a potentiality to be extremely profitable and everyone can work in it and grab secondary good income. But what made us choose the Forex market to invest in?

    Unique Features of Forex Market

    A 24-Hour Market

    Trading in the currency market can be done at any time of the day (Monday to Friday) and 24 hours a day. You have no time limitation for trading in the Forex market and on the days of its activity, you are able to trade or exit the market instantly and in real-time. This means that whenever you feel that there is a trade opportunity with good profit, you enter the market quickly, and if you happen to make a loss, you close it quickly. Everything will be done instantly, regardless of time and place.

    No Place Limitation

    A computer, mobile phone or tablet with access to internet is the only tool you need to do business. Trading is possible in a fraction of a second with just one click. Of course, before doing real forex trading, you definitely need to learn it. That’s why, TejaratFX has prepared all the necessary trainings to you for free. Therefore, the Forex market is one of the few global investing markets that can be managed from any place and at any time. These two features are unique themselves.

    Profits in Both Sides of the Market

    One great and unique feature of Forex market is that if you analyze the market and found a downtrend and you believe that it continues, you will sell first and then buy it at lower prices and make profit of the differential. you can never compare the Forex market with stock exchanges regarding profits. The Forex stock market is an extremely smart and professional market. In this market, regardless of the rising or falling trend of the market, you are able to make a profit.

    Fairness and efficiency of the Forex market

    Another feature of the Forex market is its efficiency and fairness. Because all data and news are available to the public in real-time and with no delay so that no one in this market has a special advantage over another. The expansion of this market and presence of all financial companies has made this market impossible for the individuals to change the market trend by using confidential news or so-called misuse of the data. This market is so large that the impacts of an individual or a group are ineffective and the market will always change based on supply and demand. This feature has made the Forex market one of the safest and most analyzable financial markets in the world.

    Instant liquidity

    There is so much liquidity in the Forex market that you cannot even imagine the figure. The market is based on funding large sums of money and the trader has absolute freedom to open and close the trades at current rates and in any size at any time. In contrast to the stock market, a trader does not need to find a seller or buyer to buy or sell, this means using every single opportunity to make a profit.

    Real Trade in Demo Version

    The demo accounts provided by most brokers are exactly like a real account, and all Forex market conditions are real rates and with real price movements. Whether the money you are trading with or the profit or loss, what happens in a trade is in not real. These accounts are called Demos, which in the first steps of entering the market, helps you to get familiar with everything happening in the market without risking your money or capital.

    Low Initial Capital

    With as low as $ 5 (there are brokers today that open as low as one single dollar) and a computer and an Internet line, you can easily go online whenever you want. Attending online classes and passing the Forex market course is the only necessary educational condition to enter this field of investment. Anyone with any profession can trade in this market and it is not necessary to know English or even have a computer, but knowing the English language and having a computer will help you a lot to be more successful.

    Low Cost Transaction - No Commission

    Brokers or their agents will never charge fee for their services. Most famous brokers are satisfied with just the difference in the ask and bid price of each asset, which is called a Spread, and the only cost you pay is a relatively small number. Most credible forex brokers do not have any commissions or interest (swap) and you can safely execute your long-term trades.

    Forex Trading Tools and Analysis

    Dynamic nature and liquidity in the Forex market attract many investors every day. Reputable banks and financial institutions always provide traders with their daily analysis and analysis of important world events and their impact on the foreign currency market. This giant depth of the market and the availability of tools and the availability of news have simply provided you with everything you need to succeed. Few areas of investment can be found that provide this amount of tools and knowledge to investors simply and all for free.

    High Security of Forex Market

    Guaranteeing the capital and assets is the most important thing every investor needs. Brokers operating in Forex all had strict licenses, and financial institutions have direct and constant monitor on their performance. Many famous brokers even insure their services to cover all the losses of traders in the event of a problem occur in the investment process. This kind of guarantee and monitoring is not seen in any other market.

    Flexible Rules

    Trading in the currency market can be pre-set by the trader at a specific price. So everyone can plan for their future trades. If a person makes a specific analysis of an asset (for example, rise of gold price), he can place an order in the trading system, buy or sell at the set time and price, and the person does not need to be in the market at the time of trading. Advances in science and the introduction of modern trading software has added this feature to the Forex market, which in no similar other market exists.

    Analyzable and Permanent Trends

    Each currency fluctuates in certain directions that are likely to repeat in the same direction over a relatively long period of time. Given the dynamism and efficiency of the market, a combination of technical and fundamental analysis creates profitable opportunities for traders and fund managers. Finding the direction and trend of the market in Forex is a very important factor that creates a high profit margin for traders.


    Perhaps the most attractive part of the Forex market for investors is the use of leverage. Traders, especially those with little initial capital, particularly use this unique feature to multiply their profit margins. For example, if someone starts investing with as little as $ 100 and has a precise analysis (say 50% increase in price), their account balance after this excellent analysis will be $ 150. Although everything went amazing, the final number is not something that makes a person happy. Forex brokers or brokers have introduced leverage. Using leverage (for example, the leverage ×1,000), if a person enters the market with just $ 100, his initial credit will increase to 1,000 times, and even if the market increase is only 1%, he will earn a thousand dollars. This is the credit that the broker has given to the trader as a loan so that if his analysis is correct, his profits will be multiplied. Leverage in brokers is like bank loans for industries that are granted to them for the growth and development of the group.

    Permanent Forex Market

    The Forex market is a global market and all countries participate in it permanently and actively. This market is never ended and it is quite eternal. These are all part of the characteristics of the Forex market and we think these characteristics are enough to consider the Forex market for investment. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any problem or question, just ask your question in the comments section and the Forex trading experts will answer you.

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    Yes, sure. Like all any other activity, entering the Forex market requires training. Since this market has a relatively high risk, entering it without knowledge will cause a loss of capital.
    Yes. Many websites and references have provided their tutorials to users completely free of charge. Relying on 15 years of experience and also with the help of the main sources of the Forex market, TejaratFX has provided you with educational resources in a completely free of charge and classified manner.
    The following topics are covered in the Forex Market Video Tutorial: ⦁ Enter the Forex market ⦁ For Who is the Forex market suitable? ⦁ Choose the best forex broker ⦁ Open a demo and real account ⦁ Deposit and withdrawal in the Forex market ⦁ Learn how to work with MetaTrader in Windows and Mobile ⦁ Use the reputable Trading View website ⦁ Choosing a Forex Trading Style ⦁ Learn Candlesticks ⦁ Learn the indicator and download the best indicator ⦁ Learning technical analysis platform ⦁ Fundamental analysis with analysis tools ⦁ Full review and learning of Forex Factory website ⦁ Forex psychology along with individual psychology ⦁ Forex capital management
    Trading View is one of the most important assistant websites for successful traders in the Forex market. In addition to displaying charts and price charts of various assets online, the website provides users with analytical tools and a section dedicated to issuing signal.
    People who are fluent in English can get the required knowledge from babypips, e-Toro, Trading View, etc. TejaratFX, by reviewing all the above mentioned sources, has collected the most abstract, fluent and reliable Forex learning reference for its readers completely free of charge.
    By visiting our site, you will have full access to global Forex training completely free of charge.
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