Market pulse of technical and fundamental analysis

Technical and fundamental analysis is one of the most important and integral components of financial markets.

Technical and fundamental analysis of the pulse of the Forex market

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Free Forex Technical and Fundamental Analysis

technical analysis

Technical analysis
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Provide robust technical analysis Has technical support with full description

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technical support

High percentage of accuracy in technical analysis provided on the Forex trading site

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Forex and Stocks and Metals

Analyzes provided for Forex and currency market pairs and metals and oil markets

Technical analysis on this site is updated daily and sometimes hourly and the latest technical analysis is posted on the site.

Site analysis from three categories:

Technical analysis of analytical sites such as Central Trading and AutoChartist

2: Technical analysis of Forex trading analytical team

3: Technical analysis of reputable sites providing Forex signal

Prepared and after updating, if you need a translation, it will be translated into Persian and provided to you free of charge.

It should be mentioned that the analyzes provided are from the Central Trading site and the AutoChartist site along with the trading signal.

So in addition to using technical analysis, you will also use the Forex signal.

What is technical analysis?


Technical analysis is a method of predicting prices in markets

Based on the study of price history and trading volume in that market.

Technical analysis is used in the stock market, foreign exchange and forex markets as well as commodity exchange markets.

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis or the fundamental analysis presented on this site

Machine translation of economic analysis and news published on official English language sites.

These analyzes are checked hourly by our robot on the reference site

And if, according to our methods, that technical analysis is significant

They will be machine translated and placed on the site.

What is fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating securities and financial markets

Which includes the measurement of intrinsic value with respect to all economic, financial and other quantitative and qualitative factors.

A fundamentalist analyst is trying to examine every factor that can affect the value of securities and financial markets.

Items such as macroeconomic forces and special factors such as the financial and economic situation of the world and even wars and presidential elections of a country.

Fundamental analysis means analyzing the impact of a political or economic event according to its business environment and financial performance.

Our references for technical analysis and fundamental analysis

From which sources is the technical and fundamental analysis provided on this site taken?

Forex Trading Analytical Team

With a history of more than 10 years
  • Free signal
  • Free technical analysis
  • Free fundamental analysis

Central Trading Analytical Team

With a brilliant record
  • Free technical analysis
  • Free fundamental analysis

Atochartist analytical team

With a history and powerful
  • Free signal
  • Free technical analysis
  • Free fundamental analysis
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