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Introducing the best Forex brokers

In this section, you will get acquainted with the best Forex brokers suitable for Iranians.

It should be noted that any introduction to this site is not a confirmation and responsibility of use

And your cooperation with these brokers will be your personal responsibility.

Forex broker

Everything you need to know about Forex brokers is collected in the following posts.

From comparing Forex brokers with each other to introducing and reviewing Forex brokers.

By reading the following, you will be able to identify the best Forex broker for Iranians.

Know the difference between a good broker and a bad broker

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The best forex brokers

Forex Trading Brokers

Charging Forex Brokers

We are proud to announce that you can charge and withdraw all Forex brokers introduced on this site in Rials and through his site, charge without commission and commission with the best price and the most competitive rate.

Try charging and withdrawing Vicharge right now

What is a Forex Broker?

Broker is the interface between the buyer and the seller. This is the simplest definition that can be given to a broker.

The decentralized nature of the Forex market has led to the formation of a brokerage and international rules in this market.

In fact, traders are both buyers and sellers in this market and brokers are the interface between buyers.

And there are sellers in this market who make these transactions through an interbank channel.


When a trader buys a currency pair in the Forex market, it means that another trader

It is selling exactly the same currency pair.

Now, if a broker was not involved, how would a trader know if someone was going to sell a currency pair?

How to validate the seller? How to transfer money instantly?


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Criteria for selecting the best Forex broker

The best Forex broker for Iranians based on credit

When it comes to credit, it is among the forex brokers that allow Iranians to operate

Certainly the best and strongest Forex broker, which is at the highest level in terms of credit, we should mention the ORBEX broker.

Introduction and review of Orbex broker
Video tutorial for opening an account in Orbex broker

Check the conditions of Forex brokers?

Services provided by Forex brokers are generally not free and you pay fees such as spreads or commissions or swaps.

So if you are looking for a good Forex broker, one of the things you must pay special attention to is that these costs are at a minimum.

What is well understood is that, for example, commissions such as spreads vary from forex broker to broker.

In some spreads you pay higher and in some spreads lower, but it should also be considered that more or less spreads for what services?

You may receive a lower spread in one broker, but the services you receive are very poor, and in another broker you may pay a higher spread.

But when we pay attention to the quality and amount of services in that Forex broker, we will understand the reason for this fee.


Of course, we believe that to examine Forex brokers, you need to find two or more brokers that are equal in terms of list and quality of services

Examine in terms of costs and finally find the lowest cost in our broker.

So spread comparison in Forex brokers is useful when we have examined the conditions of both Forex brokers

The broker may offer low spreads but poor charging and withdrawal methods

Another broker may offer a slightly higher spread but in terms of charge and withdrawal

Provide you with various methods and process your requests with high quality and speed.

The broker may even give you a lower spread, but in the broker chart you will see candlelight fraud and fraud, which will certainly be to your detriment.


One of the brokers that many people went to because of the low spread was the Hotfarx broker, and of course another broker like fbs also used the low spread.

But both of these brokers were cheating by cheating and running plug-ins on their clients’ accounts ((fortunately, these two brokers are no longer cooperating with Iran))

Certainly such brokers have taken advantage of low spreads to attract more customers, but if we compare another broker with the same spread with these brokers

For example, we see the orbex broker, which offers even lower spreads, plus higher services without the usual fraud in other brokers.

And such cases must be carefully considered for brokers.


Well, above we talked a little about spreads and its importance. In the following, we will explain more about spreads in Forex accounts.

In Forex brokers, some accounts have spreads and others have 0 spreads or lower spreads, but they also use commissions.

In fact, for beginners it may be more interesting to pay spreads alone with a simple book account, but this is not always the case.

Sometimes you may find that you pay less for the fee by collecting the lower spreads and commissions

Although this is not always the case, the combination of spreads and commissions is generally less expensive.

Spreads may be fixed or may be floating in accounts where fixed spreads are provided

Usually the spread is higher than normal and in accounts where the spread is floating, you are faced with the phenomenon of wide spread.

There is no need to worry because the spread of the spread is always in the normal number and is not high, except in the time of important economic news, which is better.

You do not trade in accounts with floating spreads at these times, or if you want to trade, be sure to follow capital management.

Because widening the spread may reduce your margin

In the past, brokers like Prime or Hotfarx were very popular because of the spread of news spreads.

But over time, Prime Broker, which was completely collected and no longer heard from, and Hotfarx Broker as well.

He became mischievous and inflicted heavy losses on his customers by widening the spread

One of the brokers that inflicts heavy losses on its clients by making too many wide spreads is the Amarkets broker, which you must avoid.

So when choosing a broker, do not check only the low spread and be sure to the extent of the spread

At different times, be careful to do this from the Forex Indicators section on the same site

Download the indicator that has been prepared to record spreads in different time periods

And run for a few days on the broker account and different currency pairs to see the result


What is the Rollover Rate or SWAP Rate?

Forex trading, which is held overnight, has an additional cost.

This cost is due to the expansion of the open position at the end of the day, without settlement.

The rollover rate is derived from the difference between the interest rates of the two currencies. The first currency is the base currency, while the second is the coin currency.

To choose a broker, be sure to pay attention to this rate as well, because some brokers only reduce your capital with additional costs.


Forex trading pairs

While most forex brokers offer attractive options of currency pairs

Not all of them cover retailers and people abroad.

So another thing to consider when choosing a Forex broker

Currency pairs provided to you by the Forex broker so that you can trade.

Of course, the prevalence of currency pairs is not the only criterion, but one of the most important factors of a good Forex broker is that

Allows you to trade in more currency pairs.

Important currencies


The Australian dollar and the Swiss franc, although “minor” pairs, are often traded in large volumes.

That being said, there are brokers out there who can really meet the needs of traders.

On request, some even add foreign markets and currencies.

Such flexibility is obviously a major asset and has a positive impact on the overall quality of services.

Another pair of currencies that have recently gained a lot of popularity is the cryptocurrency.

Today, cryptocurrency pairs are ubiquitous.

Ramzarz / Fiat and Ramzarz / cryptocurrency pairs are both popular.

Widespread fluctuations associated with these products make scalping a viable trading strategy.

Some traders are present in the Forex game specifically for trading cryptocurrencies.

Such operators obviously need a forex broker that has the most encryption pairs.

So if you are a fan of cryptocurrencies, another thing to consider is whether

Does your forex broker allow you to trade on your preferred currency code?


Small Forex Accounts

Not everyone who trades in the Forex market trades on a large scale.

Many forex traders do not have much time to spend at the bottom of the charts and do not have the heavy capital to enter the market with high volume.

These users need a Forex broker that allows them to open a small account.

Among the current reputable brokers, Alpari Broker allows you to open an account with $ 10 for all its users.


So if your capital is small, be sure to choose a broker, whether you are a Forex broker

Depending on the size of the yard, only one or two toys will fit

You may have chosen a very strong broker, but this broker allows deposits and trades for high amounts, such as $ 5,000, so you certainly are.

With a capital of $ 500, you should open an account with another reputable broker with a minimum capital of less.

Forex trading platforms

Forex trading platforms are more or less customizable trading environments for online trading.

They provide traders with technical analysis tools, live news, various order types, automation, drawing and professional drawing options, and more.

Some of them may include trend indicators or event calendars.

The most common trading platforms in the Forex market are MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

MetaTrader 4 or 5

Integration with popular software packages such as metatrader 4 or 5 (mt4 or mt5) may be very important for some traders.

Many brands offer automated trading or integration with related software

But if you want to trust it, you have to make sure it is correct.


Forex broker trading and branding

In my opinion, one of the best ways to identify and review a trusted Forex broker

Review of broker advertising and branding

Certainly in the branding and advertising that brokers provide for us

That we may have to constantly search to find them, so take them seriously

Commercial facades are also a popular choice.

Some Forex brokers allow their traders to trade directly on the world’s top social trading network.

Proprietary solutions are often interesting, though in some cases less than optimal.

For traders who base their strategies on using eas and vps, a dedicated platform that does not support such features is useless.

While we’re discussing strategies: Not all Forex brokers support strategies such as cover, scalping, and EAs.

Before registering, make sure that you understand all the restrictions in this field.

If you want to scalp, see if your brokerage is a forex broker for scalping.

For those who want to trade while on the go, day in and day out, a mobile trading app is important.

While all forex brokers use such programs these days, some mobile operating systems are very simple.

They lack all the advanced analysis and market research features and are therefore not very useful.

Well, to check all these things, you may need to check each one, but depending on the branding and advertising of each broker, you can find answers to many questions.

Even broker pages on social networks and even broker support will surely answer your questions quickly.

Because they are looking for branding and gaining your trust, if the broker fails to answer your questions

Rest assured that the broker is not reliable because it either has poor service or not

Employees are not aware of advertising and branding.

Tools and features

From charting to futures pricing or custom trading robots, brokerages offer a wide range of tools to enhance your trading experience.

Again, access to these items will be a decisive factor in opening an account.

Level 2 data is one such tool, where it may be a priority with the brand providing it.


Examining the deposit and withdrawal method of Forex brokers

Be sure to check with a broker before working with a broker

There are deposit and withdrawal methods according to your wishes

Today, it is one of the most common methods of depositing and withdrawing local methods

This means that you can be in any country with the currency of that country

Recharge or withdraw your account

It is true that there are other methods such as currency cryptography, web hosting and Perfect Money

But today, local methods are more reliable because they also have a higher speed

And that there is more traceability for them.

So, for example, for people who are in Iran, it will be important to know how to charge or withdraw Rials

Are there any for the broker they want?


Education Forex

Some of you may ask your broker for help in learning business. From guides to classes and webinars, educational resources vary from brand to brand.

However, a brokerage firm is not always the best source of fair trade guidance.

But this is usually the case with Forex brokers for basic Forex topics and training

They provide free services to their clients and are even seen in brokers that provide free Forex training

They have created a webinar for their users.


Other comments from clients of a Forex broker

Another thing you should pay special attention to is what other users fairly think about

Have you provided your forex broker?

Usually in English language sites, you can see the opinions of other Forex broker users from all over the world

And if they have a problem with the broker, you can see the broker’s answer and follow-up about it in them.

It is true that some people create an atmosphere with the intention of destroying some brokers

But the number of these people is always small and in English sites, the loss of each broker is a representative to answer

There are questions and problems for users that you can check.


Most forex brokers follow a regulatory requirement to separate client and company funds and offer certain levels of user data security.

Some brands may give you more confidence than others

And this is often related to the regulator or the location of the brand license.

A good note.‌ Some regulators set a higher standard than others – and registration is not the same as setting.

Provide Forex Broker Trial Accounts

Before you have a real account in a Forex broker, be sure to open a demo account or the same trial account.

All Forex brokers allow you to check them in the trial account they provide

In the trial account you have no risk and you can easily check various items such as spreads or speed of execution of your orders.


Forex Leverage

This can have a huge impact on European forex traders. The Forex lever is limited at 1:30 by most regulators set up in Europe.

Assets such as gold, oil or stocks are limited separately.

In Australia, traders can use the 1: 500 leverage.

Which makes a big difference in deposits and marginal needs.

Australian brands are open to merchants from around the world, so some users are in between

Adherence to regulations or greater freedom of trade, they have the right to choose as they wish.

Execution of the order is very important when choosing a Forex broker. It also goes hand in hand with regulatory requirements.

Just keep in mind that higher leverage increases potential losses as it brings potential gains.

For Iranians, high leverage is very attractive, but really know that leverage is a high risk

As much as it can increase your profits, it can also increase your losses.


Forex Broker History

Forex brokers will never review a broker twice

This means that if a Forex broker is once recognized as a scam by a regulator

Under no circumstances will it re-examine the Forex broker

So it is very important to check the history of Forex broker because once in the history of a Forex broker a violation is officially registered

That broker can no longer be trusted and that broker should be avoided

It remains to be seen if a broker has a bad track record in the past will no longer be reliable for the future.

So if you see a broker is blacklisted by a regulator

Be sure to avoid working with this broker because, as the saying goes, it is a mistake to try the tested.

Forex Brokers Award

Different advertising methods are common in Forex brokers

From cash refunds to no deposit bonuses, free demo account deals or rail deposit deposits

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

There are currently very few bonuses offered at Forex brokers

We do not recommend you to look for prizes and incentive plans in Forex brokers

Look for quality services in Forex brokers rather than prizes and incentive schemes that are generally designed to deceive you.

Additional account details in Forex brokers

Each broker offers different types of accounts

We suggest that you always pay attention to the details and trading conditions in the accounts

Terms and conditions of transactions in different accounts are different

For example, in some stop-outs, in some accounts, the number of positions is different, and in some forex accounts, the ceiling of your chosen volume is in the lot.

Types of execution of orders in Forex brokers

When you trade in the Forex market, by opening a trading account, you are actually entering a very complex world.

Forex brokers use different methods to execute your trades, which is good

Get to know them so that you do not face any problems in the continuation of your activity.

It is very important to know how they use to trade and execute orders

It is important to know at what price your orders will be processed

Some Forex brokers use special methods to execute your orders and orders

For example, your brokerage may act as a market maker and not use ecn to run a business.

If you are looking for this method specifically, you should look for an ecn forex broker.

These ecns are great for limited orders because they automatically match sales orders on the network.

Internalizing orders in Forex brokers is another way of executing orders by Forex brokers.

When using this method, the brokerage matches the order with its inventory. So this implementation method is very fast.

This method is generally used to execute orders by market maker brokers

Do not worry, being a market maker is not bad at all, in fact, the largest brokers in the world

Market brokers are makers, but you should know that what matters is the credibility and liquidity of Forex brokers

When choosing a forex broker, you need to know that order execution in that broker is very important

So it is important to be familiar with the requirements and requirements of trading in your Forex broker.

Forex brokers report

Both esma and the US SEC require brokerages to report on the quality of their services.

Regulators ensure that traders perform at their best.

mifid sets clear guidelines in this regard.

Forex online brokers are required to provide trading data on their execution methods as well as execution prices.

This may sound boring, but it is the only way to prevent fraud.

Prices are compared to general prices.

If the brokerage trades at a better price than the general price, he has additional explanations for doing so.

If the order directs the trader through a less-than-optimal path, it must convey this fact to the trader.

These examples once again demonstrate the importance of a proper regulatory framework.


Types of trading accounts in Forex brokers

Be sure to get acquainted with the types of trading accounts in that broker you want to start working with at the forex broker.

We have done our best in the introduction posts of Forex brokers to talk about the types of trading accounts of each broker with full transparency.

From cash, margin or palm accounts to bronze, silver, gold and VIP levels, the types of accounts vary.

These differences can be reflected in costs, reduction of spreads, access to level ii data, settlement or various levers.


Micro-accounts, for example, may offer smaller transaction size limits.

Brokers and regulators, for example, will treat retail and professional accounts very differently.

An ecn account gives you direct access to Forex trading markets.

So research what you need, and what you get.


Forex brokers scams

We talked about Forex brokers scams in a separate post.

Also, our reviews have already filtered the scams, but if you have another brand in mind, avoid getting caught up in them;

Here are some common types of forex trading scams:

Are you being contacted unknowingly? Reputable companies will not contact you for no reason. (This includes emails, Facebook or Instagram channels)

Do they offer unrealistic profits? Just stop for a minute and consider – if they can get the money they claim

Why do they make uninformed calls or advertise on social networks?

Of course, the principle of advertising and marketing is not a problem at all. Brokers have different methods and methods through which they can

Access your contact number or email

What will be suspected will be their excessive effort to persuade you to open an account

It is in their broker that they need to be further examined.

Do they trade on your behalf or use their automated or managed transactions?

What is the difference between a Forex broker and a Forex market maker?

In a word, brokerage is an intermediary.

Its main purpose (and often its sole purpose) is to bring together buyers and sellers.

Fortunately, a broker does his job by executing orders, automatically, without human intervention (stp).

Brokers pay for this service.

A market maker, on the other hand, actively creates liquidity in the market.

It always buys and always sells and acts as a counterpart for traders.

If your forex broker acts as a market maker, it is actually trading against you.

So there is a clear conflict of interest in this setting.

Forex Brokerage Review

What is very important is that you have a high degree of awareness about Forex brokers or the same

Get Forex brokers and be able to explore all aspects of working with them

It does not matter what you have done so far, research the Forex broker you are currently working on

Check if the Forex broker you work with is valid

Is the service you provide the same as the cost you are deducted?

Check if this Forex brokerage has the right financial backing or not

Check if this Forex brokerage has a professional technical team to solve problems when needed

Check if your forex broker is strong in terms of support and for your country of residence

Does it support your language?

Check how honest the Forex broker you are working with is.

Are they really what they say or just slogans?

We hope you find the Forex broker you are looking for more accurate

Get enough security in the Forex market

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