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best harmonic indicator

Best Harmonic Indicator: Complete tutorial

Recently, we had a lot of calls from many of our users regarding the harmonic related indicators. this indicator, prepared for you, we tried to …

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Forex Support and Resistance Indicator

In this post, you can download one of the best Forex indicators specialized in showing Forex support and resistance. Nothing to worry about If you …

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Indicator Trade Assistant for MetaTrader 4 and 5

The Indicator Trade Assistant is a very accurate forex indicator. This forex indicator by simultaneously examining several different indicators tells you that in what state …

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اندیکاتور MFI

MFI indicator 2020: Complete Tutorial

MFI indicator is known as one of the most useful Forex indicators. MFI indicator has been one of the ten mostly used indicators for technical …

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اندیکاتور فارکس کندل تایمر

Download Candle Time Indicator

training Candle Time Indicator The candle Time indicator is one of the most useful Forex indicators. Use of candle Time indicator is in both technical …

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اندیکاتور فارکس Stoch Histogram

Forex Indicator Stoch Histogram (Pro Version)

Professional version of Forex Indicator Stoch Histogram is one of the strongest Forex Indicators. This indicator works by drawing colored histograms plus drawing a moving …

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Best Pivot Point Indicator for MT4

In this post, we will introduce you an indicator called the Strongest Pivot Points Indicator and we have prepared the file (Strongest Pivot Points Indicator) …

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اندیکاتور Multi Meter قدرت خریدار به فروشنده

Multi Meter Indicator: One of the Strongest Forex Indicators

This indicator studies and shows the power of buyers to seller. This indicator combines several indicators to study the power of buyers to sellers. Based …

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STC Signal indicator MetaTrader 4 and 5

The STC Signal Indicator is a Forex signaling indicator. Signaling in this indicator, is based and done by MACD. The STC indicator is a cyclic …

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What is a Forex Indicator?

This is probably the first time you have heard of Forex Indicator

Surely, if this is the case, then the question has arisen for you, what is the Forex indicator?

Indicator in the literal sense means the indicator or basis of measurement.

In general, an indicator can be created by comparing the data and variables that are considered.

Indicators used by Forex traders are files in a meta-editor environment

(Meta Editor) MetaTrader platforms are written in 4 or 5.


These attributes should be stored and installed in the MetaTrader Indicator path and used when needed by calling the indicator.

If you are interested in learning more about the Forex Indicator, I suggest you read the following post


What is an Indicator in the Forex Market?

The best forex indicator

The answer to the question, what is the best indicator of Forex? Or we want to introduce the best Forex indicator

It is a bit difficult and maybe impossible because there are so many indicators

Each of which is written depending on the needs and according to the specific wishes and goals of the author of that indicator


In other words, we do not have anything as the best Forex indicator in the general sense

But in a special sense, according to the needs of each person, the best Forex indicator can also be determined.

The important thing is what indicator you can use to better achieve your desired result

So if you find an indicator that fits your strategy and leads you to what you want, which is the correct analysis


It can be called the best Forex indicator for your person or for your trading strategy.

Forex Professional Indicator

A Forex Professional Indicator is an indicator that shows everything that the idea maker wanted.

In fact, a professional Forex indicator works best for what is written for it


There are many indicators in the Forex trading market, each written for a different reason

For example, the zup indicator is one of the best forex indicators in the field of harmonic patterns.

Forex professional indicators work well for a specific strategy written with the intention of helping.

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