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Trading Sessions Indicator

The Trading Sessions Indicator specialized to show the world’s most popular sessions on the chart is one of the most useful indicators every analyst and trader should learn and utilize.

In this post, we will make this indicator available for you and you can download it for free.

We will also explain the use of this Forex indicator and strategies based on world sessions.

Traditionally trading in Forex market based on sessions has been known as one of the best strategies.

Based on recent studies I had and considering price action, I have attained very good conclusions for the main market sessions, which I will share them with you in this post.

Before doing anything, please download the session indicator on the chart from the link below:


Trading Sessions Indicator


Download “” – Downloaded 884 times – 22 KB


Now it is time to install this indicator in MetaTrader 4

In general, how to install the indicator in MetaTrader 4 is the same as for all other indicators.

alpari forex
alpari forex

How to install the indicator in MetaTrader 4? (tutorial)


⦁ To install the indicator in MetaTrader, first click on File from the top of the MetaTrader tab.
⦁ Then select the Open Data Folder menu from the menu openned
⦁ Open the MQL4 folder to install the indicator
⦁ And then copy and paste in the indicator folder.
⦁ Now close your meta trader and open it again.

In the relevant menu you will see that the indicator has been added to your list of indicators.

Just double-click on it in MetaTrader so that you can call and place it on the chart.

بروکر اوربکس
بروکر اوربکس

Trading strategy based on time sessions:


According to my observations, the market usually is volatile before the start and end of two sessions. 1- before the beginning and before the closing of the Europe Session and 2- before the beginning and closing of the US session.

I examined different currency pairs, but I observed the most fluctuations is in the chart of Gold.

High fluctuations, which in most cases continue the direction of the current trend, sometimes reaches to even 100 pips in the last hours prior to closing.

I also focused on two other strategies in my studies and I got good results from them as well.

In the two-month period which I studied, I combined two strategies in this market: 1- one hour before the opening of each session until one hour after the opening (in other words; one hour before the European session to one hour after the opening + one hour before the opening of the US session to one hour after the opening), I traded some lots based on the strategy I have written which I will explain to you later. I ran EA on the chart. I didn’t take the positions manually.

I used two CRM (correlation) strategies (my own style) with the mathematical strategy and traded (without the use of experts as manual ordering) Euro/USD and gold On 8/7/2020 in a real account, I tried to study this theory, that there are certain fluctuations before the opening of each market session.

دیپازیت جهت تست لایو نظریه ترید بر اساس سشنهای دنیا


The last transaction I made today was before the opening of the European session, in other words on 25.8.2020, where the chart of the account after almost 40 working days generated the following result.


اندیکاتور نمایش سشنهای معتبر دنیا
Indicator of valid world sessions
200 % Bonus justforex
200 % Bonus justforex

Trading rules of World Sessions Indicator


⦁ Trading starts one hour before the opening of each session (Europe and U.S.)
⦁ Stop taking new trades one hour after the closing of each session (Europe and U.S.)
⦁ Charts examined include Gold and Euro / USD and USD/ CHF
⦁ Trading volume:
⦁ standard account 0.1 lot on gold
⦁ standard account from 0.5 to 1 lot on currency pairs
(case of currency pairs is different because it was different from CRM strategy used)
⦁ Following the rules of each strategy accurately without any changes produced very good the results, especially in the live test, and I well understood factors such as stress and excitement.

Later in two separate posts, we will explain to you Math and CRM strategies.
but if you folks also have trading experience based on trading sessions, don’t hesitate to let us know about it.

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